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Previously Recorded "Live" Bible Teaching Events

From time to time we conduct in-person teaching events at various locations around the area. The format is the same as all of our other lessons but with a little more "personal" feel. Be sure to visit our "Upcoming Events" page often to see if sometime soon we will be coming to a venue near you. If you would like us to come speak at your location, please feel free to Contact Us. Don't worry, we wouldn't even know how to charge an "appearance fee". We do this for God's Glory. If invited, however, we may ask your visitors to Donate to our ministry but that is only as God leads them. Click on any (or all, eventually) of the links below to access recordings of past teaching events.  To aid in your decision, we have given a brief description of the subject matter of each lesson on the list.  However, keep in mind there might be much more included in that lesson than that description contains.  Go ahead, try your luck!!

Faithful Sayings (April 2012)

More than a few times in his letters Paul would share great truths concerning the things of God that he would call "Faithful Sayings".  Click here to listen as we discuss a few of these important and useful bits of wisdom.

Who Really Knows? (March 2012)

Life is often filled with challenges. God never promised it would be otherwise. How we meet these challenges, however, is critical to our growth as Christians as well as our success in life. We have several options when things don’t go smoothly for us. Where do you turn for help? Who Really Knows? Click here and listen in as we try and answer that question.

The Prodigal Sons (February 2012)

The 15th Chapter of Luke is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. Contained in it is one of the most famous parables found in Scripture. Jesus is teaching a diverse crowd of sinners and “saints”. Luke 15 teaches us about falling from grace, redemption and forgiveness. This chapter also shows us the power and involvement of the Trinity in God’s plan of Salvation.  Click here to listen to an unusual look at a familiar story.

Resurrection (January 2012)

Throughout His ministry, Jesus Christ taught on truths that were contrary to the religious thought of His time. None of what Jesus EVER spoke of was outside of what was already contained in Holy Scripture. However, tradition had crept in and the ideas and concepts He emphasized seemed foreign and unbelievable to those that heard them. The Resurrection of the body was one such concept. Click here for a thought provoking discussion on one of Christianity's most important mysteries.

The Book of Daniel (January-June, August-December 2011)

Throughout most of 2011 we taught out of one of Scriptures most fascinating books:  Daniel.  In this series we got to know this amazing man of God and we learned of the mighty things God prepared him to tell us.  After an entire year we decided to take a break.  We will, some day, pick the series up again.  So for the time being click the links below to hear us discuss one of the most startling prophets of all time.

The Book of Daniel Part 1 (January 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 2 (February 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 3 (March 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 4 (April 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 5 (May 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 6 (June 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 7 (August 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 8 (September 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 9-The Prayer of Daniel (October 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 10-Daniel's Seventy Weeks (November 2011)
The Book of Daniel Part 11-To Anoint the Most Holy (December 2011)

The Birth of Christ-This is NOT a Christmas Story

In this lesson we examine the Biblical FACTS about the birth of our Lord.  Click here to listen to a frank look a the conflict between tradition and Scripture with respect to the celebration of Christmas.

Is Jesus God?

In this lesson we examine the Biblical evidence for the divinity of Christ.  Click here to listen to us discuss one of the most important "religious" questions in history.

The Armor of God

If you've accepted Christ as your savior you are now in danger.  You've escaped the clutches of Satan and he will do anything to get you back.  Click here to listen to us discuss how to protect yourself.


In the Book of Romans, Paul calls on us to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto God.  What does that mean? Click here as we discuss the answer.

Christian Contentment

What does it mean to be blessed?  What does it take to be blessed?  Not simply blessed, but blessED.  Click here as we examine a very familiar statement Jesus made in His Sermon on the Mount.